Harris CO2 Manifold – Two cylinders for CO2 Incubator use


    Designed to work with CO2 Incubators
    Includes 24″ Hoses (2) – Fittings – Mounting Bracket- C02 Washers

    Additional Information

    How it works

    Two 50lb CO2 cylinders are connected to the two 36″ stainless steel braided pigtails. Your supply line to the incubator is connected to the upper line pressure regulator (hose barb is supplied). One cylinder is used as the primary tank, the other cylinder is the reserve tank. When the primary tank is empty, the manifold automatically switches to the secondary tank assuring an uninterrupted flow of CO2 to your incubator. You can change the empty tank without interrupting the flow of CO2.

    How do I know when a tank is empty?

    The pressure gauges will indicate what tank is in use and what tank is empty. If the gauge reads ~160 psi, the tank is empty and the other tank is in use.

    Can I run out of CO2?

    Yes, but only if you allow both tanks to empty or fail to move the primary tank lever to the proper tank and the secondary tank empties.

    What is the delivery pressure?

    You can set the delivery pressure from 0 to 50 psi. Most incubators require 10-20 psi inlet pressure.

    How do I mount it to the wall?

    Mount the bracket to a solid structure like a cabinet or wall stud. The bracket has 4 holes for mounting to the wall.

    How are the cylinders connected?

    Two 24″ pigtails (Hoses) with CGA320 connections are supplied. Each cylinder must be held with wall or bench clamps.

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