About Labregulator

Who are we?

Labregulator.com is a division of Cryo Inc.

How long have we been in business?

Since 1978

What do we do?

Labregulator supplies specialty gas equipment to the scientific community in multiple southeastern states. We also provide cryogenic equipment sales and service on Cryodepot.com.

What is our mission?

We provide gas regulation equipment for specialty applications such as research and process equipment. Through the years we have learned how to properly match the gas regulator with the application. Using the proper equipment for the job eliminates problems such as contamination, pressure variances, safety issues, and equipment mismatch.

What are our Qualifications?

We have expertise in all types of gas delivery apparatus. We specialize in laboratory applications that involve gases that are of high or Ultra-high purity levels. We have attended most of the manufacturers schools (Victor, Harris, Concoa) as well as possess engineering expertise in gas regulation and cryogenic applications.

Why Labregulator.com?

Because most local gas distributors and large scientific supply houses do not understand the application of the gas regulation equipment. Traditionally, the most expensive regulator is suggested, but is not needed. We match the proper regulator to the application and save you money while improving overall performance.

Who do we sell to?

Mostly to the Research based Institutions and Businesses in the USA.

Why buy from Labregulator.com?

The proper regulator at a better price.